what drives us to make this project?


how do we address this issue?

Let’s start a new conversation and be open to new ideas.

This is a method for beginning new dialogue.





"Strangers are not strange"

Open your mind and communicate.



Critical thinking in terms of "How has the Internet changed our social behaviour?"

We have become a society that seems to have forgotten how to have personal interactions with strangers.



My perception is that our modern era of social media, overloads us with options for getting touch with strangers in impersonal and superficial ways.



The hedgehog idea is a method for opening new personal conversations, especially with strangers. Different-coloured coffee sleeves should break the ice between strangers and help to start new conversations. A coffeehouse patron can decide if they would like to invite conversation or not. The green one means „Talk to me“ and the red one means „don‘t talk to me.“ Double-sided printing enables switching the inside out so one can change their mind in a spontaneous fashion. The logo and the name is inspired by the hedgehog which also has distinct ways of communicating a mood of openness versus feeling closed-off.


We want to transition to a talkative, interactive society; welcoming and open. Get offline and rediscover face-to-face interaction in real life.







I wanted to create possibility for getting in touch with strangers, so that people could engage in new conversations and new connections in order to feel a better sense of community.








strangers are not strange

strangers are normal



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